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I’m certain most people in my profession would never admit to this…

But I am because I can’t stand it any more. The unpalatable truth hiding in plain sight.

Okay, deep breath.

The truth is…

I can’t write!

My modifiers are often left dangling, I end sentences with conjunctions and

I am a passive voice repeat offender.

Not only that, but I split infinitives and use cliches like they are going out of fashion.


In fact, the truth of the matter is I am every grammarian’s worst nightmare – on steroids.

Yet, here I am.

Taking you on a journey.

From one line

You see, what I am is a natural-born communicator.

It’s true; I am no Shakespearian scribe.
Instead, I connect your brand and vibe with your tribe.

I can open a loop and lead you astray.
Then bring you right back to where I want you to stay.

Sometimes I use rhyme.
And my words sound sublime.

But one thing’s for sure.
I’m the choice for the smart entrepreneur!

So if you are looking for a pedantic grammatist.
I’m sorry, there’s no way I can assist!

Because I am a business owner and brand storyteller.
A friend in a tempest or just mild stormy weather!

So if you got this far and like what you see.
Why not give me a call? It’s L with an E.

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