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What you need to know about Facebook: Profit from The Magic Pixie

So there I was…merrily browsing away on the internet for a comfortable pair of house slippers. Yep, I admit it, when I am not dressed up all glamorously like Katharine Hepburn typing away at work…I do occasionally get comfy and snug with my favourite jim jams and warm slippers.

(And as you know my glass slipper is always kept safely locked away!)

Anyhow, back on track.

I came across a site with some super cool slippers that were right up my street, but for whatever reason I decided now wasn’t the time to buy, I ‘d return later…maybe…well actually probably never because I couldn’t even remember the name of the website…I know it wasn’t ‘slippers4us’…it was something hipstery which didn’t mean anything…well…not to me anyway.

So I left the site and decided to go on Facebook to look at some dogs with moustaches…I am more of a dog person you see…in fact, I think animals in general look better with moustaches.

And there it was BOOM right in front of my very eyes.

The slipper who loved me.

Or it seemed like it did because it had followed me here to Facebook…like magic. I thought it was some kind of NSA trick…so I phoned a friend.

She laughed and said ‘yeah…its like…re-targeting…doh!‘ And I’m like…. ‘yeah… just kidding..I knnnnooooow’.

But I didn’t.

And then the darn slipper popped up again with BUY ME slapped all over it. I wasn’t impressed. I don’t ‘do’ sloppy copy. Features tell Benefits sell and all that.

Let’s go back a minute…groundhog day.

Say for instance I came off the site and went to Facebook and instead of the slipper shouting out ‘buy me’…there was a testimonial of someone who had actually bought the slipper…it had changed their life because the slippers were so snug it made them less grumpy at home and the soles of their feet were now smooth likes a new born baby…or something like that.

That would be different wouldn’t it, right?

The point is that if you want to stand out you have to get creative and really dig down deep into your target audience…Sell the BENEFITS in your copy NOT the features….or rely on a lame ‘BUY ME’. Click To Tweet

Ideas my friend ideas….get creative with them.

Anyway, lucky for me I have access to some fabulous free training which explains all about Facebook re-targeting and more besides.

The best thing is you don’t have to be a marketing ninja to understand and apply it, or have the equivalent of CERN’s supercomputer to make it work.

The video training provides a practical walk through of how you get a Facebook pixel on your site (BTW I think pixel is a silly name…I far prefer pixie) and a more thorough explanation of re-targeting which doesn’t even mention the ‘S’ word 😉

Here’s the link.


Now where did I leave my slippers…

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