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To Thine Own Self Be True

I have recently received a very valuable lesson in self worth.

I wrote my heart out on a project for a client, only for it to come to nothing.  This means that all the hours I spent at my craft will unlikely come to fruition.  No one will ever see the words I penned.  Of course, being a freelance writer, this is sometimes par for the course.

However on this particular occasion I sold work which was personal to me; it had my heart beat and vibration to it.  I do not mind writing for other people and not getting a by line, after all, this is my job.   Or I should say I do not mind not getting a by line if the subject I am writing about holds little interest for me.

On this occasion because I did not have the confidence in myself and my ability I made two mistakes.  I wrote fearlessly on a subject that I should have kept for my own portfolio, and I let other people set my price.

I did not value my own self worth.

This is something that in life one should never do.  We should not judge or define ourselves by other people’s standards or opinions of us.  We all know in our heart what is right, and who we really are, we just need to be still and listen.

On a more positive note, something I do feel good about is that I recently turned down some potentially lucrative work for ethical reasons.   Sounds crazy I know.  Why would that be a positive?  It is a positive because I listened carefully to myself. The work did not resonate with me and I did not feel comfortable with the project.

It is not that I am in a position to turn down work, but I will not sell myself short.

These past few writing months have been a very valuable experience for me.  I have learned that you should never undersell yourself.  This does not mean I should oversell myself; that is a very different thing.

I suppose it is all about knowing your worth.  And in the words of Polonious:

‘This above all: to thine own self be true’

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