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The Orchestra of My Life

He was a famous German composer.

I was a young girl with an ear problem.

And it didn’t matter how many Smarties I was given, I still hated having my ears syringed.

The worse thing was, I really loved to play music. I played the recorder in the school assembly and took violin lessons.

It was not so much the performing that I loved, but the language of music. It was like a secret code.

I still remember even now the complex musical symbols, notes and signs.

But how could I be a musician when I could barely hear a thing?

I confided in my GP.

He told me about Beethoven. How despite going deaf at age 26 was one of the greatest composers who ever lived.

I was re-inspired.

And although I never did go on to become a great musician.

I did go on to compose and play in my own orchestra of life.

And my hearing issues did eventually get better.

All because a kind doctor took the time to give me encouragement and optimism.

Did someone inspire you as a child to carry on against all the odds?

Were you told an inspirational story that gave you strength and changed your life?

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