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The Horse That Became a Legend and Turned Into a City

Nobody could tame him.

He was wild.

Many tried.

They said it couldn’t be done.

He was too headstrong.

Faster than a winged Pegasus or even Arion the immortal.

Nobody could mount him, he would throw off anyone who tried, especially when his back was facing the sun.

Until one day the right rider came along.

The first-ever horse whisperer who recognised that the horse was afraid of shadows and just needed to be handled gently but with confidence.

The rider turned the frightened horse’s head toward the sun, and in no time at all, he successfully mounted the horse much to the applause of all around him.

One of the people most impressed was the rider’s father; Philip, who just so happened to also be the King of Macedonia. When he saw what his son had done, he uttered these immortal words:

O my son look thee out a kingdom equal to and worthy of thyself, for Macedonia is too little for thee.”

And so began the legend of Bucephalus, Alexander the Great’s most trusted steed.

Together they rode into many battles and had plenty of wild and daring adventures.

Much loved by Alexander, when he died he was given a state funeral and had a city named after him; Bucephala in Pakistan.

The moral of this story?

Don’t try to tame your passion. Instead, channel it with the right match.

So you too could become a legend.

What else can you learn from this story?

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