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How to successfully build your business with this compelling story

Today I want to share with you a short story told to me many years ago by someone very wise.

It is the story of a carpenter and goes something like this:

Once upon a time there lived a carpenter, he was a simple but honest man who worked for the same generous employer for many years. He was a very skilled and gifted carpenter who built the most beautiful timber houses. He was always proud of his work and paid attention to every detail, meaning that his work was always exquisite and of the highest quality.

People loved living in the houses he had built.

The time eventually came when the carpenter decided he wanted to retire. He had enjoyed a long and fruitful career but nevertheless wanted to slow down and live more sedately with his wife, family and friends while he still had the time.

He would of course miss the work and his wages, but he had saved some money and was certain he would get by okay.

Naturally the employer was sad to hear his loyal worker wanted to leave but asked him if, as a personal favour, he could construct just one final house for him before he retired.

The carpenter, frustrated that he had to build yet another house, begrudgingly agreed, but it was immediately obvious from the start that his heart was not in the project.

In his haste to complete the job he resorted to substandard workmanship, rushed things that he should have taken more time over and quite unnecessarily used inferior cheaper materials. Basically he cut corners in every regard and generally put little to no passion into his final project. In short, it was a very sad way to end a dedicated and highly accomplished career.

When the master carpenter was finally done, his employer came to meet him and see the ’finished article’. But it was not to inspect the house. No, far from it. In fact it was to give him the keys to the house and say these immortal words; “For all your hard work and dedication over the years this is your house… it is my surprise retirement gift to you and your loved ones.”

Needless to say the carpenter was speechless. He stood there shocked. If only he had known he was building his very own retirement house, boy would he have done things ever so differently!

And so it is with us, we build our lives and businesses one day at a time. It is not until perhaps later on that we truly realize we must eventually live in whatever it is that we have built – great, good, bad or average!

Our attitude and the choices we make today help build the places we will live in tomorrow.

Therefore, it pays to build wisely!

And that of course is where my new email copywriter course comes in.

(Yes. There is always a reason why people tell stories).

Take the opportunity now to build and nurture your email list wisely with ‘The Utterly Compelling Email Copywriter’ course.

Learn to tell and compel with your story.

Because people don’t want to know about your company news, or the latest employee of the month award, or what you’ve been doing…that’s just plain low quality craftsmanship.

People want to be told stories. Great big glorious stories that are of benefit to THEM….and this course shows you exactly how to do it.

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