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What is storytelling and how can it help your business?

Stories are universal.

We have been telling stories around camp fires since time began.

All the most famous myths, legends and religious tomes are in fact stories, allegories we are told to bring out the true fabric of who we are, to instill in us a way of living, a dogma, the ‘right path’ if you like.

There are generally nine main archetypes in storytelling which dominate any storyline. You only need to watch the latest movie blockbuster or best-selling novel to witness this.

We go back to these storylines again and again. They are imprinted in our psyche like DNA. They work on such a deep profound level, that anyone who can become a great storyteller will benefit greatly.

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It can be your key to unlimited success too, once you learn how to do it well.

The nine main story archetypes are generally accepted as the following:

  • Overcoming or Slaying the Monster
  • Rags to Riches
  • The Quest
  • Voyage and Return
  • Comedy
  • Tragedy
  • Rebirth
  • Mystery
  • Rebellion against ‘The One’

You can probably immediately identify some of the above themes in your favourite TV show, or film, and almost certainly children’s fairytale.

Because this is exactly what fairytales are. Allegories that play on your psyche at a deep level.

So what has storytelling got to do with your business?

The answer is everything.

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It’s a truly mind blowing and remarkable thing, but every single person has a unique ‘one off’ story to bring to the world, and this is what allows us to truly connect with our audience, to ‘attract our tribe’ if you like.

Think of the powerful rags to riches story of many great entrepreneurs that draw you in and make you believe anything is possible (because it is). The transformation (rebirth) of businesses and stories of celebrities who overcame insurmountable challenges…the siren call is alluring, addictive, we are hooked and we want more.

This is because powerful stories work on key universal psychological primal emotions; sadness, fear, love, anger….and many more. We all have stories we can share to help others and at the same time, boost our tribe.

Likewise we can make our clients and customers the hero of our story.

There are many ways we can apply storytelling today.

A lot of people go through life with their story still hiding deep inside them, always thinking they are not good enough, or struggling to put their words across.

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Perhaps you are struggling with the whole concept of ‘selling’ your product or business…it feels somehow undignified. You won’t be surprised to learn that storytelling can help with this too.

Recently I was reminded of an author whose book I was bought as a gift many years ago by one of my sisters. I think her message is very appropriate to this subject.

Here is my recital of some work of hers.

For those of you who prefer visuals, here is the meme.


Remember, people are looking for you. Let them know where you are. It’s time to pass on your ancestral message around the metaphorical camp fire and light the spark to your brand or business’s future success.

So go on….

What’s YOUR story?

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