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Give It All You’ve Got!

crossfit-534615_1280We can all sometimes feel a little bit under confident, down in the dumps and maybe even a tad lacking in the old ‘self-esteem’ department from time to time, but it’s completely normal.

That’s life, it happens.

And if that’s you right now, don’t worry…(you’ve heard this one before right?)

Maybe you have been through a bit of a rough patch lately, things haven’t worked out quite as you had hoped, perhaps you are having trouble making ends meet and it seems like it’s a never ending battle, or maybe it’s your heart; it just plain aches.

Or perhaps someone you thought you totally trusted has been a complete and utter disappointment.

Well, guess what? You are not alone…this is a perfectly ‘normal’ part of living your life. Note that I said ‘your’ life. Not anybody else’s, not your best friend, or your spouse, your partner, lover, mother, father, sister or brother. I said YOUR life.

The one that is unique to you.

Yes you; the wonderful perfectly formed and beautifully crafted you.

You with the funny sounding laugh and the bit of sticky up fringe that you can’t flatten down regardless of how hard you try. You with the history of failed relationships and the two left feet dancing skills. Yes, that’s you who I am calling perfect and beautiful.

And your life? The one which appears not to be as tickety-boo as perhaps it should be? The one which doesn’t seem to be the mirror image of anyone else’s apart from that of a tragic clown.  Yes, that’s all great too.


Yep, ‘fraid so!

Each day your life is unfolding exactly as it should be (I guess you’ve heard that one before too right?). Every hardship, every turn in the road, every unravelling, is a lesson…an opportunity for you to sculpt your life and yourself into something even more amazing. Unfortunately, not all the lessons we have to learn and all the experiences we have to endure are going to be super-exciting or fun, some will be sad, painful and heart-breaking.


But the thing is, your story matters, and the tough stuff is akin to sandpapering a gemstone. It isn’t going to be easy, and the rough bits will snag, but the end result will be jaw-droppingly beautiful…if you allow it.

You might not feel much like a 24 carat dazzling gem at the moment, right now you probably might not even feel like trying to venture any further forward ever again, in fact you might not even feel like you can bear any more of the unrelenting storm that perpetually batters down upon your very being.

But you can. You must.

Change isn’t comfortable but more often than not it is necessary. I recall a break up many years ago when I thought my world was over, I thought I was going to literally die I was so heartbroken, and everywhere I looked around me were reminders of happy couples living perfect lives; the ‘happy people’ who had ‘made it’. The crazy thing is, I had never even noticed them before; those ‘winners in love’. The reason I had never seen them is because we see what we focus on.

My mind was filtering out all the other stuff.

Eventually I moved on to a much better life. I didn’t feel like moving on at the time, but I didn’t really have much choice.

If I had waited until I felt 100% ready, I would never have done anything at all.

So don’t let life’s obstacles stop you on your path, however hard they may seem at the time.

If in your heart you feel you are going in the right direction then go with the flow, surf your own wave.  Don’t walk around with the burden of an unlived life inside you, the life of what you could have been.

Instead take stock of what really is going on right now. Change the things that you know you need to, be brave and if you can, cut out the negatives where possible.

Remember, you see things in a totally different way to other people, and the love you receive is uniquely yours.  No love is ever lost. No one else experiences life exactly the same way as you do.

You are a one off bona fide original.

And at the end of the day, you are here to give it all you’ve got.

You know, life, that miracle with which you have been gifted.

So don’t waste another moment!



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