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Why not give me a call?

I’m certain most people in my profession would never admit to this… But I am because I can’t stand it any more. The unpalatable truth hiding in plain sight. Okay, deep breath. The truth is… I can’t write! My modifiers are often left dangling, I end sentences with conjunctions and I am a passive voice […]

Will You Drink From The Same Well?

The cold howling wind seemed like it would never stop. The wood burner in the ‘summer’ cottage we had hired for the winter in a tiny village in the foothills of the French Pyrenees was simply not up to the job at hand. But we were kept warm that freezing winter by the friendships we […]

Crossing the Rubicon

‘The die has been cast!’ shouted Caesar to his men. That’s Julius Caesar I am referring to, perhaps the greatest military commander in history. He famously uttered these immortal words to his soldiers as he crossed the river Rubicon in 49BC. You see, the Rubicon was a river in Italy that traversed the country. To […]

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