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The Orchestra of My Life

He was a famous German composer. I was a young girl with an ear problem. And it didn’t matter how many Smarties I was given, I still hated having my ears syringed. The worse thing was, I really loved to play music. I played the recorder in the school assembly and took violin lessons. It […]

Crossing the Rubicon

‘The die has been cast!’ shouted Caesar to his men. That’s Julius Caesar I am referring to, perhaps the greatest military commander in history. He famously uttered these immortal words to his soldiers as he crossed the river Rubicon in 49BC. You see, the Rubicon was a river in Italy that traversed the country. To […]

5 Reasons Your Business Should Follow the Seasons

It’s a foolish person who tries to defy the laws of nature, time or change. By following the rhythm encoded in the seasons, a business can prosper, grow and thrive. Here are my 5 seasonal tips: 1) Treat a new business like a gardener cares for their delicate spring plants. Companies are especially vulnerable at […]

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