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5 Reasons Your Business Should Follow the Seasons

It’s a foolish person who tries to defy the laws of nature, time or change. By following the rhythm encoded in the seasons, a business can prosper, grow and thrive. Here are my 5 seasonal tips: 1) Treat a new business like a gardener cares for their delicate spring plants. Companies are especially vulnerable at […]

The Art of Bouncing Back (When Snowboarding)

Snowboarder and mountains

It was day one. I had been there less than two hours when I was asked to leave. I felt an odd mix of shame, embarrassment, and frankly, sweet relief. I was still in my twenties, so I knew I would bounce back. Unfortunately, it was the ‘bouncing back’ that got me thrown out of […]

What Bird Watching Can Teach You About Marketing

Bird watching girl

I have a bit of a confession to make. Recently, since our beloved little dog passed away, I have found myself with a new, somewhat unexpected pastime, something that strangely fulfils, albeit temporarily, my need to nurture. Something that lessens my sadness, makes it a little more bearable, allows me to work through the loss […]

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