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Some Sharp Advice From A Medieval Assassin


Micheletto Corella was a ‘condottiero’, an assassin, and loyal subject of Cesare Borgia of Borgia family fame; the Italian Renaissance family with a scandalous reputation. In fact, Cesare Borgia himself was the inspiration for The Prince by Machiavelli. But that’s another story for another time. Anyway, during sword training one day with Cesare (in preparation […]

5 Reasons Your Business Should Follow the Seasons

It’s a foolish person who tries to defy the laws of nature, time or change. By following the rhythm encoded in the seasons, a business can prosper, grow and thrive. Here are my 5 seasonal tips: 1) Treat a new business like a gardener cares for their delicate spring plants. Companies are especially vulnerable at […]

The Art of Bouncing Back (When Snowboarding)

Snowboarder and mountains

It was day one. I had been there less than two hours when I was asked to leave. I felt an odd mix of shame, embarrassment, and frankly, sweet relief. I was still in my twenties, so I knew I would bounce back. Unfortunately, it was the ‘bouncing back’ that got me thrown out of […]

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