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Branding advice from an old school Hollywood superstar!

I don’t know about you, but I simply love all the old Hollywood greats.

Stars of the silver screen such as Clark Gable (my handsome Dad looked almost exactly like him), Audrey Hepburn (I don’t, unfortunately), Marilyn Monroe (who does?), and Marlon Brando (enough said) 🙂

So, it was no surprise when I came across a Marlene Dietrich quote that perfectly summed up how to best express yourself as a business (or how not to).

In fact, it could be applied to all aspects of how you are communicating (verbally, visually, online etc).

The famous words were:

“Be careful what you show – and what you don’t show”. Click To Tweet

Now here was a woman who knew how to entice her audience.

She knew that what she didn’t show was just as powerful and equally as important as what she did.

She knew from first-hand experience how powerfully persuasive this simple philosophy could be.

And I believe she is a perfect example of ‘attraction marketing’ at its best.

Of course, on social media this quote is especially apt.

Be careful what you put out there…and what you don’t. After all, no one wants to see you have a melt down online, but likewise, it’s nice to show the human side of your business…a bit of vulnerability people can identify with.

The whole know, like, trust factor. In fact, I prefer know, identify with and trust…because I think that is more fitting.

Anyhow, the over arching message is: show your audience what you want them to see, and always be consistent with your brand.

Marlene was also quoted as saying: “I’m not an actress. I’m a personality”.

So it would appear that she was well ahead of the times when it came to brand strategy too.

In fact, I’m pretty sure she would have been a social media superstar if she were alive today.

Remember: When it comes to branding yourself, you can always trust an icon!


If you would like to know more about how to best brand yourself and apply attraction marketing principles to your business simply get in touch to find out more. I vill be vaiting …

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