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Does my brand look big in this?

Be honest.

Is this a question you’ve asked yourself?

I know I have.

Each time I click on to any of my websites (I have two at the moment) I feel a deep need to faff about with the fonts, colours and backgrounds. I will head over to Canva or RelayThat for some inspiration and on the way I drop by someone else’s super cool website which is so pretty it makes my eyes weep.

And I want it.

I want it bad.

If this sounds like you, don’t worry, I won’t let anyone in on our little secret, but I do have some very serious advice for you.


I mean, STOP IT NOW.

Stop fussing over colours and fonts and backgrounds and (fill in the gap)…believe it or not, although the visual appeal of your online presence is important, (apparently there are psychological factors at play when it comes to colours and fonts) the colour palette of your website is NOT the most important component to your success.

You see, your brand is about YOU.

It’s about the services and products and value you deliver.

The way you go about your everyday business… ...the problems you solve, that little bit of extra love you give...THAT'S YOUR BRAND Click To Tweet

Some runaway font on your website is not going to change any of that.

Okay, so perhaps if you are a web designer, you should at least have a website, but even then, design is subjective.

Brand YOU first.

When it comes to business; action beats perfection.

I have no idea who first said this, it could have been Confucius or it could have been Joe Bloggs down the local pub.

But whoever said it, they were bang on the money.

I see so many people STUCK when starting out because their website isn’t quite as they would like it, and they end up wasting valuable time worrying about their visual appeal rather than spending that time productively growing their business by actually doing the business.

Ask yourself this:

How many people actually visit your website when you are first starting out?

Probably not many.

But even if you are posting blog content prolifically, when most people visit blogs they are looking for information or a solution to a problem, a blog is about the value you provide, not pretty colours.

In fact, when starting out it might be that you don’t even have your own website. Nowadays with some clever social media marketing you only need a decent profile and a compelling sales funnel to start earning money.

Of course, I think it is always better to have your own ’property’ rather than to rent ‘space’ on other people’s land.

But my advice remains constant:

Start building your business FIRST and the rest will follow. Click To Tweet


So, in answer to the question; does my brand look big in this?

Yes it does, because you’ve tried on so many outfits by now, I simply don’t know who you are anymore.

Put those jeans back on, and get to work!

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