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7 Life Lessons You Can Learn From Trees.

C360_2015-01-04-11-49-30-546“If you would know strength and patience, welcome the company of trees” – Hal Borland

I know it sounds crazy, but in a strange way trees talk to me. It’s true. It’s been like that for as long as I can remember and just keeps getting stronger. But I don’t mind it at all. It’s great, in fact I love it. So much so that if I don’t get to walk in some woods or a forest for more than a few days I actually get withdrawal symptoms.

For me trees are incredibly interesting, healing, knowledgeable and, ahem…great company.

Okay, so perhaps alone at night in a dark forest things can seem a little spooky. But overall on a normal day, in some peaceful woods, it’s hard for me to think of a better place to be.

What I really like about spending time among trees are the great lessons that you can learn from them when you clear your mind and just allow their incredible wisdom and presence to soak deep into your inner psyche.

To explain a little bit more about exactly what I mean, here are my top 7 lessons you can learn from trees.

  1. They are strong but still flexible 

Obviously there are hundreds, probably thousands of different types of trees with a myriad of unique special qualities, shapes and sizes. But they are all, with few exceptions, strong, well-grounded and flexible. Three wonderful qualities that we should all aspire to follow in life.

  1. They are patient 

Most trees take years and years to grow to maturity. Yet they do it fastidiously, patiently and peacefully. Although they are rooted to the same spot, they watch over the changes in landscape brought on by man, Mother Nature and Father Time. They never complain and are there for all to shelter, feed upon, rest and live together upon.

  1. 051They stand alone but are all connected 

I think one of the truly magnificent things about trees is that although they appear on the surface to stand alone, in reality they are connected underground, not just to other plants and organisms but to earth itself. These vast networks form huge symbiotic organisms that sustain and support each other.

A powerful example for the human race to follow.

  1. They adapt to their surroundings and the seasons 

Although trees cannot move as freely as we can, nor put on extra layers when it gets cold; they are still able to adapt to their environment incredibly well. In fact, far better than humans can unaided and of course, to the ever changing seasons.

  1. They have a timeless beauty and wisdom 

Regardless of their age, trees seem to always remain beautiful, colourful and interesting. To my mind they seem to get even better as they mature. Now isn’t that a quality we should all aspire to emulate in our own lives, where increasingly culture is becoming ever obsessed with everlasting youth and beauty at the expense of all else?

  1. They support life 

Trees not only absorb and store away those naughty greenhouse gases, but just as importantly breathe out wonderful life giving oxygen;  something absolutely fundamental to all animals on earth. On top of that they provide a dazzling array of tasty fruits, seeds and nuts. Even in death their wood can be turned into shelter or provide fuel for fires to heat and cook. Now that’s what I call a versatile life support system!

  1. They are survivors 

IMG_20120313_151003Trees are one of the oldest forms of life on the planet. They were here long before mammals or even dinosaurs. They inhabit pretty much every continent (with maybe the exception of the Antarctic). They grow in hot places, cold places, wet places, dry places, high places and low places. They live in harmony with nature and aside from some parasites and diseases have few real enemies. In fact, just like pretty much every other living thing on this planet, their only real threat comes in the shape of humans!

I could go on forever about all the other amazing qualities that trees possess.

In fact I feel I have barely scratched the surface. But perhaps at least you can now see why I love their company so much, and maybe why you should also take a little time-out to spend with them, connect, recharge your batteries and possibly even give one of them a big hug from time to time!

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