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5 Reasons Your Business Should Follow the Seasons

It’s a foolish person who tries to defy the laws of nature, time or change.

By following the rhythm encoded in the seasons, a business can prosper, grow and thrive.

Here are my 5 seasonal tips:

1) Treat a new business like a gardener cares for their delicate spring plants.

Companies are especially vulnerable at their commencement. Take special care to insulate and protect a fledgeling enterprise at this delicate, but crucial, start-up phase.

2) Summer is great, but you can also get burnt.

Companies that have survived their vulnerable ‘springtime’ phase can enjoy a burst of growth and favourable conditions.

But, just like people, companies can get ‘burnt’, plus flash violent summer storms, and ensuing flash floods can appear out of nowhere.

3) Autumn is a time of change – and change is a double-edged sword.

Be ready to capitalise on the last of the fair weather, yet be as financially strong as possible to withstand the cooler days that lay ahead until spring when everything blossoms to life again.

4) In the winter, even simple things can become difficult.

If in the midst of a quiet ‘winter-like’ patch, use this time to plan ahead and come up with new strategies, processes and plans.

5) Nothing is permanent, everything changes, and that’s all we can ever know for sure.

Rather than fighting against time, go with the flow. Let its momentum help carry you in the direction of your choice rather than be a passive passenger going unwittingly to an unknown destination.

What other reasons can you think of in business for following the patterns of the seasons?

Let me know below.

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